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BE A BIT LESS SHY AND ANXIOUS One week email course. It takes a week to learn new habits, so give yourself this opportunity to study the mechanics of fear, learn about your shyness, and work through exercises to help you figure out how to turn your shyness down. <<< CLICK HERE FOR MORE >>>

Are you 100% dazzled

by who and what you

are right now?

How about 90%?

How about being a

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If you want to have a fabulous life, and be the best version of yourself, you’re going to need a plan. You’ll have to do a little work. Stand up, start now.




Be Less Shy

Most people would like to improve a few things about themselves. We'd like to run faster, be stronger, increase our memory. Some things can be fixed, and some cannot. Shyness and Anxiety might always be a part of who we are, but we can turn it down. We can control it, overcome it, deal with it. There are many people who require years of therapy to get over severe anxiety, and I wish them all the best. But there are many of us who just need to understand how fear works, how to manage it, and build upon our experiences so that we can overcome it.


You don't need to jump out of an airplane, walk over coals, or give a speech to thousands. You don't have to freak yourself out. If you really want to change, you just have to make a few adjustments, take on a few small, realistic challenges, and analyze your reactions so that each time it gets easier.

three main elements

If you're reading this site, you're interested in improving yourself. That is HUGE. Please acknowledge that.


How Fear Works

We'll discuss the physical aspects of fear and anxiety, what it does to us, how it works, and how to turn these effects down to a manageable level.


Find Your Voice

It's difficult to function in this world if you can't speak up for yourself. We'll discuss tiny ways to speak up more in safe, easy ways, how to speak to (good) strangers, how to break the ice, how to speak with authority figures.


Practice Always

Bodybuilders work out nearly every day, and stretch on their off days. To grow, you must work. Don't wait until the night before you have to give a big speech or toast - work on your shyness every single day. I'll give you exercises and ideas to find ways for you to practice a little bit at a time.

courses & workshops

EMAIL COURSE:  Be a Bit Less Shy and Anxious in One Week

What if you were able to turn your shyness and anxiety down in about a week?


You’ve likely heard, “don’t be so shy!” and “learn to chill out!” from your well meaning friends and family. But have they ever explained HOW to do this? Have you ever actually put any time and effort into the problem, or is it just so uncomfortable that you stop thinking about it and hope it magically goes away? Thinking about anxiety is unpleasant, but avoiding the thoughts altogether will not improve your situation.


It’s time to take action - a few simple written exercises is all it takes to get you started. Nothing extreme or weird.





Live Workshops - Coming Soon

This will be a small workshop - 5-7 participants. We'll cover the mechanics of fear, how to calm and steady the nervous system, and ways to practice getting through social anxiety.


Please email to register, or be notified of future workshops, including child and parent sessions.

skype sessions

Would you like a one on one Skype session, to discuss your shyness, how fear and anxiety mess us up, and learn some tools how to get through it? Let's have a half hour video call.


This could be great for children, as their parent or guardian could sit beside them during the chat and take notes.


I'll be booking the first three calls at a huge discount, for the sake of honest feedback and testing.

Please email me if you'd like to arrange a session.

About cynthia

I've always been an incredibly shy, nervous person. I worried so much in school that I had stomach ulcers in grade six. Even in my early twenties, I often could not speak unless spoken to, and was absolutely terrified to sing in front of anyone.


Then I realized I wanted to be a performance poet, an artist, somebody who lived out loud. I had to find ways to push through the fear, control it, and build on each experience. I have rewired my brain to see terror as a challenge, and to stay fairly calm through it. Now I work on "Project Do What Scares Me" every time I see an opportunity - from holding a huge boa constrictor to singing with my rock band (I still get stage fright around 50% of the time). Please note - there are things we're supposed to be afraid of for our own safety, like fire or extreme heights. Let's not get nutty here. I would NEVER ask you to do dangerous things!

You likely know whether you need professional help, or just a coach to set you on the right path. I've been through tons of research, studies, and personal experience in dealing with shyness and anxiety - I can give you the tools and information you need to transform yourself as much as you want to. All you need is the will to change, a notebook, and a few minutes every day. You likely shouldn't push yourself as hard or as far as I did, but I'm sure that you could push yourself a tiny bit, and prove to yourself that you can live bigger and louder than you ever thought possible.



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