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Many new paintings are under construction! I'll be trying to sell paintings like crazy for the next few months (house construction bills - OUCH!), so please stay tuned to cynthiagould.com and my Facebook group for postings. Or email me - I can do a special piece in the size / style / colours you're looking for.

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3 Moons over Sea
12" sq. - Acrylic on canvas

Celestial Chaos
12" sq. - Acrylic on canvas

Flower Codes
12" sq. - Acrylic on canvas

Another Klingon Weapon
16 x 20" - Acrylic on canvas


My table at the Holiday Pop Up Shop Dec. 14 - some pieces still available!

Under Construction - Not finished! - November 16:

Just Finished - September 10:

Click here for a video of a painting being created!

New - Aug 8:

New - Aug 8:

In progress - August 10:

A friend purchased this piece and it looks much better in his house than mine! The copper glows.

Seven Pieces currently in progress:

Purple Wave in Funkland.
20x20" acrylic ink on canvas. SOLD

FOR SALE - Interconnectedness - red & bronze
20inch sq, acrylic on canvas. the lines change in the light.
it's one of my most dynamic pieces. i'll let it go for $150 if you can pick it up quickly.
Click here for a closeup shot

Yellow Charm on Red
12x12" acrylic on canvas. Older piece - discount time!
Click here for a closeup shot - red is glossy, yellow is satin finish

Colour Pops!
6x6" acrylic on canvas - wee original art charms to brighten dark corners
& bring positive juju to your space. $10 if you can pick up this week & share my art page!

Many Paths to Take - SOLD
6x12" acrylic ink on canvas - doodle / message (gift size!!) - $15

Violet Watercolour (2008)
9x12" acrylic ink on heavy watercolour paper. Mailable! Discount!
Click here for a closeup shot

FOR SALE - Whisper
10x10" acrylic on canvas (gift size!!) - $20

Stars Over the Sea & Stars in Spring - SOLD
two 10" acrylic ink on canvas doodle paintings for just $25 (for pair) (gift size!!)

More paintings coming soon!

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