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Cynthia Gould is one of those artsy freaks - a performance poet, writer, painter, graphic designer, party instigator (Bridesmaidmania and the Toronto Tinfoil Hat Contest), and the singer/guitarist for the increasingly notorious Toronto drunkrock band High Heels Lo Fi. She's been on two spoken word tours, twice performed at Word on the Street, was published in Reader's Digest, and The Globe & Mail called her "an off-colour feminist rant poet", to which she disagrees, but giggles.

Points of Interest
  • have performed in Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle and Vancouver through two tours with The Perpetual Motion Roadshow
  • feature performer at 2004 Word on the Street, the gigantic Toronto outdoor book fair, where I inadvertently made a woman in the front row cry with one of my poems. performed again in 2006 at the LiveWithCulture.ca tent
  • ten time survivor of the infamous Three Day Novel Contest
  • creator of Bridesmaidmania, the pub crawl involving participants dressed as tacky bridesmaids, we've done this 7 times now!
  • creator of the Toronto Tinfoil Hat Contest, the celebration of creative foiling. (as seen on CTV news) (photos at funkless.com)
  • member of the Art Bar Team
  • have appeared on Muchmusic's Much On Demand, The New Music, and was a frequent guest on TalkTV's The Chatroom
  • was labeled "an off-colour feminist rant poet" by The Globe and Mail, but prefer to be called "conversational and slightly confrontational", and usually dislike the term "feminist"
  • a very big fan of socks with monkeys on them
  • have been employed as a graphic designer, webmistress, television segment producer, studio manager, bartender, assistant librarian, baker's assistant, clerk at a small art gallery, and nanny.
  • panelist at Webzine 2002 in San Francisco, California, discussing print vs. webzines
  • panelist at Canzine 2001 in Toronto, Ontario, discussing how to create your own webzine on a tight budget.
  • speaker at an internet media class at the Bell Centre for Creative Communication in Toronto, discussing website interactivity and creating online communities.
  • have hosted many shows, both in the spoken word circle, and the goth & rock genre.
  • nearly had a heart attack one Monday morning, when I was handed a copy of The Globe and Mail with my face on the cover between Johnny Depp and Katherine Hepburn. I enjoyed the article very much.
  • I love interviewing people! i've interviewed Cub, Pansy Division, Shadwell's Jacket, Age of Electric, and Treble Charger for my old zine The Violet Circle. Funk band Zuul's Evil Disco, and breakdancers Shebang! were interviewed for ihaveasecret.com. I interviewed R&B/pop singer Pink! for canoe.ca

Thank you Toronto, for choosing me as Best Local Visual Artist in the 2004 NOW Readers Poll!

Thank you Toronto, for choosing me as Best Visual Artist in the 2004 and 2005 eye weekly Readers' Choice Awards!

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